Work Injuries

Have you been injured while on the job? A work injury attorney in California can help you determine if you qualify for workers’ compensation. Everyday, on job sites throughout the state of California, employees get injured. A work place injury can happen anywhere. A construction worker can fall off a ladder, a teacher can slip in a hallway, or any number of other work-related accidents can happen. Often, these injuries can lead an employee to miss work and lose wages, on top of accumulating medical bills that can amount to thousands of dollars.

California workers’ compensation lawyers at Sharifi Firm, APC can help you navigate the often confusing world of filing a workers’ comp claim. We are here to answer any questions that you have. If you have been the victim of an injury at work, you may be asking yourself, “Is there a deadline to report my injury?” “Who do I report my injury to?” “Who will pay my medical bills?” “Can I be compensated for the wages that I’ve lost?” “How long will I be paid for work time missed?” “Do I still have a case if I no longer work for the same employer where I was injured?” “Will my unemployment benefits be effected by workers’ comp benefits?” There are probably a great number of things that you do not know about your case - we can help! At Sharifi Firm, APC we have experienced workers’ comp lawyers standing by, ready to help you on your way to recovering damages from your work related injury.

Contact the experienced lawyers at Sharifi Firm, APC today! All of our services are free until we win you the settlement that you deserve. Call us for a free, no obligation consultation to find out how we can help you resolve your workers’ compensation claim.


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