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Restaurants can be held accountable for a customer's injuries under certain circumstances. Most often, they may be held accountable for dangerous conditions on the property, such as a slippery puddle or a crack in the floor. Sometimes they are held accountable for third-party attacks in a negligent security case. They may also be liable in some cases for food poisoning, burns, or dental injuries caused by the food they serve. The premises liability lawyers at Sharifi Firm can assist Los Angeles residents who have been hurt in restaurants with seeking the compensation that they deserve.

Holding a Negligent Restaurant Liable for Damages

In most cases, a claim against a restaurant owner proceeds under a theory of negligence. If a restaurant acts or fails to act such that a person is hurt in the restaurant, the victim may have grounds to sue. Restaurants, like other property owners in California, owe a duty to use reasonable care to maintain their property in a safe condition and use appropriate standards to avoid food poisoning or other food-related injuries to customers.

Restaurants must not only fix or warn of conditions that they know may cause harm, but also actively investigate their property to make sure there are no unknown conditions that could result in an accident.

Often, the central issue in a premises liability case is how long a dangerous condition existed before it caused the accident. For example, if you were on your way to the restaurant bathroom and break your leg by slipping on a sticky sauce that fell from a plate being served to a customer, your lawyer might have to look at whether the sauce just fell, or if it fell three hours ago and nobody bothered to clean it up. While a restaurant cannot absolutely insure its customers' safety, the longer a dangerous condition exists without being noticed by the restaurant, the more likely it is that liability will be found.

Generally, a restaurant in California also has a duty to protect its patrons from the foreseeable criminal acts of third parties. This extends not only to those who have paid for their food, but also prospective customers who have not bought anything yet but are expected to do so. The duty arises when a restaurant owner knows of prior third-party criminal activity in the restaurant or even, in some cases, an adjacent parking lot. A restaurant that knows of prior similar activity but does not hire a security guard may be exposed to liability for damages for a third-party criminal act.

Similarly, in California, restaurants are required to exercise reasonable care to protect any patrons from being hurt by a fellow patron who is known to be aggressive. For example, a restaurant can often be held liable for allowing a patron on the premises who has a known propensity for fighting. It can potentially also be held liable if it fails to stop a fight as quickly as possible after it starts.

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